Pizza Lyonnaise

Pizza size

100 000

Reference P4 (S - M - L)

Pizza "Meat Lover" is topped with:

- French mozzarella cheese

- Tomato sauce made from Italian tomatoes

- Premium ham

- Marinated chicken

- Homemade meat balls

- pepperoni

Size available for this pizza: S (6.29in / 16cm), M (9.84in/25cm) and L (11.81in/30cm)


Do you wonder how big are our Pizzas?

One of the most common questions we hear when customers are placing orders is, "How large are our Pizzas?" and "How Many Pizza Slices Are In a Pie"?

The standard size for a small pie (S) is approximately 6.29 inches (16cm) in diameter for 1 guest

The standard size for a Medium pie (M) is approximately 9.84 inches (25cm) in diameter for 1-2 guests

The size for a Large pie (L) is approximately 11.81 inches (30cm) in diameter for 1-3 guests

Of course, there are a few things that can cause slight variations in these measurements. At La Dem Bistro Tây Ninh, for example, we spin all of our pizza pies by hand with dough that is made fresh daily. That means that the measurements may be off by just a tad, but it's a good thing, right? It means your pizza is made fresh just for you!

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